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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.02  Business analytics
  • 07.02.01  Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

  • 07  Retail technology
  • 07.14  Security equipment
  • 07.14.01  Merchandise surveillance
  •  Fraud prevention displays

Our products

Product category: Fraud prevention displays

First and ONLY wireless security alarm that provides analytics.

  • Enhanced customer product interaction increases sales
  • Analytics provides retailer with information to increase profits
The Sennco Wireless System is the ideal solution for experience driven retail environments. The Wireless was designed so customers can freely experience products without the limitation of security measures. Customers can hold the product in their hand, put it in their pocket, and even walk to another display for in-hand product to product comparisons. While empowering customers with the perfect retail experience, merchants can collect time and date stamped analytics showing daily interactions per product.
Patented • Patent Pending

  • Analytics Reporting

Merchants and marketing can track interactions, trends within the assortment, locate hotspots  and adjust planograms accordingly.
Loss prevention alarm status and asset  tracking compliance.

  • Specifications

Cradle= 1” x 1.4” See PDF
Sensor head= 3.74” x 1.98” x .72”
Sensor head=1.5oz
Roam up to 6-8ft away from Fixture
Proximity zone alert built into sensor head
100:1 Device to alarm ratio
AC power
Alarm= 103-105 dB alarm
Sensor head= 90 dB alarm

  • Benefits
Allow cross merchandising and comparisons between products

Alarm status LED
Analytics with web portal reporting and text alerts
Track interactions and trends
Cradle charges products
Tethering with quick disconnect and customizable cable size

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Product category: Fraud prevention displays

Alarm-Only Solutions

  • Quadro


Alarm only
AC power and/or Battery Power (2 Year life)
4 RJ-11 Ports
4” x 2.75” x 1.25”
90-95 dB alarm

Unique key system
Adhesive mounted for an under or above counter solution
Compatible with all Sennco Solution sensors
Alarm Status LED

  • Clamp Sensor


3.25” x 1.75”
Compatible with Quadro, Solo 2 RJ-11 Port

Ideal for laptops, tablets, E-readers, keyboards
Alarm status LED
Mechanical Set Screw

  • Swivel USB Sensor


1.125” x 1.33”
Compatible with Quadro, Sole, Solo 2 RJ-11 port

Ideal for products with a standard USB port
Alarm status LED
Rotational sensor to always point cable towards back of display no matter what side the USB port is on

  • Loop Sensor


1.75” x Customizable loop size
Compatible with Quadro, Sole, Solo 2

Ideal for laptops, small electronics, tools, headphones
Alarm status LED
No adhesive

  • Square Sensor


1.25” x 1.25”
Compatible with Quadro, Sole, Solo 2

Ideal for Hotspots, tablets, keyboards, speakers (dock stations)
Alarm status LED

  • Tube Sensor


.375” x 2”
Compatible with Quadro, Sole, Solo 2

Ideal for laptops, keyboards (convertibles) and rounded surfaces
Alarm status LED
Low profile and small footprint

  • Tube with Jacket Sensor


2” x 1.75”
Compatible with Quadro, Sole, Solo 2

Ideal for speakers (dock stations), binoculars, tools, products with round surfaces
Alarm status LED
Flexible Jacket

  • Label Sensor


Connecter 1” x .5”
Sensor= Multiple label sensor sizes available
Compatible with Quadro, Sole, Solo 2

Ideal for smart watches, small electronics with inductive charging
Alarm status LED

  • Outdoor Alarm


Rubber coated cable prevents damage to products
124 dB alarm
50ft Retractable and ratcheting cable in both directions (100ft total coverage)
Main alarm – Stainless steel 20 1/2″ x 12″ x 16 1/4″
Battery operated
– Battery life 1 ½ – 2 years under normal use
Repeaters add an additional 50ft per repeater
– 13 1/2″ x 5 3/4″ x 14 1/2″

Alarm Only
Unique Key System
Indoor, outdoor or warehouse solution
Ability to tie into internal store alarm system
Easy swap of cord reels
Waterproof, tamper resistant, able to be mounted on a wal

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Product category: Fraud prevention displays

Mechanical Solutions



4 different bracket sizes that range from 2” x 3.5” to 8.4” x 13.4”
Made of heavy gauge steel 14 gauge cold rolled steel
Adjustable bracket
Rubberized grips prevent damage to products
Optional retractable tether

Minimal footprint
Rotating bracket
No tools or adhesive necessary
AnyPhone Interactive Lock Down – REGULAR ARMS
(9-0880-4003-XX-00): RANGE: MINIMUM (2”) – MAXIMUM (3.2”)

AnyPhone Interactive Lock Down – EXTENDED ARMS
(9-0880-4013-XX-00): RANGE: MINIMUM (3.15”) – MAXIMUM (4.4”)

AnyTab Interactive Lock Down – NARROW ARMS
(9-0840-0055-XX-00): RANGE: MINIMUM (3.8”) – MAXIMUM (5.45”)

AnyTab Interactive Lock Down – WIDE ARMS
(9-0840-0050-XX-00): RANGE: MINIMUM (5.7”) – MAXIMUM (8.4”)

AnyTab Interactive Lock Down – XXL WIDE ARMS
(9-0840-0040-XX-00): RANGE: MINIMUM (8.4”) – MAXIMUM (13.4”)

  • Dummy Dome


10 ft pole
Adjustable hanging anchor for a variety of ceiling types
Optional 5 ft extender

Visually identical to a real camera
Optional LED

  • The Stage


3M VHB adhesive or screw options for mounting
15” x 2.5” x 3.37”
33” Nylon coated, retractable aircraft cable

Increase sales by letting customers test products
Organization; keeps testers with packaged product
Reduces shrink

  • Fragrance Bar


11 Tester max on 4ft shelf
11 Position fixture measures (with back graphic panel)
– 47.5” L x 5.25” D x 8” H

Customizable fixtures
Optional graphic panels
Retractable security tether
Testers can be adhered or permanently glued to tether end


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About us

Company details

  • Vision
Sennco Solutions will be the global leader of consumer focused,
high quality, innovative asset protection products and solutions.

  • Mission
Sennco builds strong relationships and works together with our customers and suppliers to develop asset protection solutions that deliver an unsurpassed consumer experience. Sennco offers comprehensive data analytics and products that are easy to install, reliable, provide the best value, and will increase our customer’s sales and profits.

Sennco’s team is trustworthy, ethical and dedicated to putting the needs of our customers first. We are committed to empowering and investing in our associates personally and professionally.

  • Value
To honor God… by serving our customers, suppliers and team members with integrity, character and devotion.
Through devotion, Sennco maintains a loving involvement with many charities, missions, and community outreach efforts.

  • Manufacturing Excellence
We pride ourselves on being able to meet and exceed industry standards of manufacturing by incorporating innovation and design in every one of our product lines.

Since day one, the majority of our product line has been manufactured and assembled in the U.S. under strict quality control.
We take great pride in keeping our country, and its people, moving forward. We have always done our very best to provide hard working Americans an opportunity to be a part of our team…and we vow to continue to make the highest quality products in the industry.

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