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  • 04  Catering and hospitality equipment

Catering and hospitality equipment

  • 04  Catering and hospitality equipment
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Our products

Product category: Ice makers

Gourmet Cube Ice

The Scotsman thimble-shaped, patented 'Gourmet' ice cube is pure, hard, compact (with no holes), crystal
clear and slow melting. Its fast chilling action and slow dilution make drinks taste better and greatly enhance
drink appeal and quality.
Gourmet ice cubes are formed by spraying water onto a subcooled horizontal evaporator. While the purest water
molecules - the first to freeze - form the ice cubes, oncoming spray water washes away unfrozen water
minerals that would otherwise start clouding the forming ice. They instead fall back in the water sump, and are
removed with the water that is flushed out prior to starting a new freezing cycle. The Gourmet cube is
therefore purer than the water that it is formed from! With three different sizes and weights Scotsman offers a wide range to choose from and a type of ice to eet any requirement in terms of ease of use and quality

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Product category: Ice makers

Cube ice

Scotsman has been one of the key players in Countries outside the US for the diffusion of the square (dice) cube. The dice cube, with its six sides, allows for an excellent heat exchange contact surface, hence, fast chilling of all drinks. The dice cube adapts very well to any size and shape of glass. The vertical evaporator, well known and
appreciated, allows to obtain high levels of production at reasonable operating costs. The Vertical Dice evaporator technology, which has been recently upgraded to meet and exceed stringent water and electricity consumption limits, is found on Scotsman MV & MV Prodigy Series. It guarantees excellent operating performance under any
circumstances, even in very "hard" water conditions.
Equipment Lifetime operating costs are reduced to a minimum through excellent engineering and final design of these units.

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Product category: Ice makers

Nugget & Cubelet Ice

Nugget and Cubelet ice cubes are made from compressed flakes of ice. The result: convenient micro-cubes for multiple uses, in place of standard cubes or as small, longlasting ice nuggets - hygienic and easy to use. Scotsman applies this technology in all its ice dispensers in the MDT - TC - NVT lines, where the needs to have fast ice dispensing and avoid ice manipulation find a great solution! Nugget & Cubelet ice cubes are excellent when used in conjunction with carbonated drinks: in fact, they form an ice cube layer that floats at the drink
surface, thus separating the drink itself from the environment and avoiding its premature oxidation. Micro ice-cubes are today so well accepted and in demand that stores on various segments proudly feature them as an
indication of the level of quality offered to their customers!

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About us

Company details

Scotsman Ice Systems is the world leader in the production and sale of commercial and domestic ice makers, alongside with ice storage and transport systems. Founded in 1950, the Company has over half a century of experience in design and production of ice makers, now synonymous with innovation and reliability.

The Scotsman catalogue is the most complete on the market, with machines of all sizes, that can produce from 10 pounds of ice up to a maximum of 5 tons in 24 hours. With more than one million Scotsman units installed around the world, and a distribution presence in over 100 countries in the America’s, in Asia Pacific and in Europe / Middle East / Africa, the Company is strong of three factories, one in the United States, one in Italy and one in China.
Fully owned distribution companies are located in Singapore, Dubai (with bonded warehouse), Madrid-Spain, and in Johannesburg-S.Africa.

This is the result of years of activity lead by the belief that the commercial activity needs to be backed by Technical support, as Customer-service is what eventually makes the difference in the market.

Scotsman Ice Systems is a "Truly Global" member of the Ali Group.

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