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  • 03  Refrigeration systems

Refrigeration systems

  • 03  Refrigeration systems
  • 03.02  Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems

Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems

Our products

Product category: Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems


ICE QUEEN is the new concept of professional showcases for ice-cream and pastry. ICE QUEEN model have straight units and 45° corners that can be easily canalised through coupling pins pre-arranged on the sides of the tank. All the display tanks are monolithic and s/s coated with rounded edges for cleaning purposes. Upper glass structures have aluminium brilliant mirror profiles, the heated front glass gives extreme visibility to the product and it has an upward opening system. Ice cream showcases are equipped with transparent modular elements for gelato pans; removing the transparent elements you have the main deck ready for displaying frozen cakes allowing multiple use on for the same showcase. Standard lighting is by led system in order to have a more uniform effect without heat problems; this system is based on modular units for serial connections. ICE QUEEN showcases are projected to have excellent performances. Ice-cream showcases have internal semi hermetic compressors with fast inverting cycle defrost; pastry showcases have many versions (ventilated, with drawers, static) aimed at satisfying all the operators need and designed for keeping constant temperature in refrigerated areas.

Visibility: extraordinary enhancement of displayed products.
Practicality: pistons assisted front glass opening system.
Customizable: great possibility to customize front side panels.
Energy Saving: double LED lighting as standard.

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Product category: Refrigeration systems


Modules, bar-counter, refrigerators and dry cabinets updated in their technology and finishes by CIAM. All refrigerated modules and counters are designed with extreme care for details and have been submitted to severe tests (climatic class 4+); three possible refrigeration system: static with finned evaporator, static with coil, ventilated, both positive (+4°C) and negative temperature (-18°C).

The STANDARD GLASS section has double glass sides doors with internal lighting system.

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Product category: Frozen food display cabinets, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems


Shop around or WallSide Glass Oversize Display, fascinating for transparency and refinement. Avaiable with one or two door, wall side or pass through.
Brilliant is ideal to display every kind of food: fresh or frozen pastry (with static or ventilated refrigeration), praline, dairy, salami ham gammon.
Brilliant is proposed also with a special arrangement for wine and champagne.

Performances: Ventilated refrigeration with oversized evaporator.
Visibility: extraordinary enhancement of displayed products.
Energy saving: High insulation.
LED lighting as standard.

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About us

Company details

CIAM is a prestigious company in supplying equipment and design for bar, pastry, ice-cream and shops in general. Over the years this company has distinguished for reliability, punctuality and great quality of its own products.

The 23.000sm new factory and headquarter located in Petrignano di Assisi represents a mix of efficiency and technology that together with the ability and experience of the technical staff, concur with our company to elaborate and to realize complex plans of high technological content in according to the requirements of our customers.

Each month we contribute to the realization of about 200 new HO.RE.CA. shops. Speed, competence, abilities to realize every kind of premises, flexibilities and punctuality in delivery time, carry out to us to satisfy all totally the needs of the market. During the years passion, results and success increase thanks to the crescent spread of our products and to the attainment of larger important market shares.

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