Overview: Retail Technology

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Amazon's Just Walk Out terminals at the exit of a shop with signs about the Just Walk Out offer; Copyright: Amazon

Smart stores: no revolution without risk


Convenient shopping experiences are definitely a competitive advantage for retailers. One concept that retailers are using to appeal to their customers is autonomous shops, known as smart stores.
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Three people talking at EuroCIS; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Where investment meets innovation: retail hotspot EuroCIS 2025


EuroCIS is an indispensable meeting place for the retail industry: This is where visitors from the management of retail companies compare retail technology solutions and make investment decisions.
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A shopping cart from REWE equipped with a tablet; Copyright: REWE

Smart shopping carts get omnichannel shopping rolling


Several retailers are testing or using smart shopping carts, i.e. digitally upgraded shopping trolleys with various features. They offer customers a more efficient and connected shopping experience.
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A colorful bikini, next to it a smartphone with a product description and a label with a QR code; Copyright: bonprix

Digital product passport: transparency at bonprix and s.Oliver


Customers care about the environmental footprint of products and are demanding more transparency. The fashion companies bonprix and s.Oliver use technical tracing solutions to provide information about the origin and the environmental impact.
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A person wears the Apple Vision Pro on their head; Copyright: Apple

3D shopping: mixed reality headsets are revolutionising retail


Using mixed-reality-headsets for shopping, is an innovative way to visualize and experience products. There are pioneering retailers and brands experimenting with AR and VR tools, such as the Apple Vision Pro, for their customer journeys.
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A person types on a laptop. A holographic user interface with chat windows and an artificial intelligence symbol can be seen above the laptop; Copyright: Envato/AndersonPiza

Chatbots support retail employees


The management of large retail companies is increasingly relying on AI tools. Tools such as generative AI assistants are designed to help employees carry out their tasks more efficiently.
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A woman with closed eyes against a dark background. Her face and neck are decorated with bright patterns in blue and red; Copyright: L'Oréal

Gen AI content lab to augment creativity at L’ORÉAL


At Viva Technology in Paris, L’Oréal will unveil tech innovations like an in-house GenAI Beauty Content Lab. The tools used in this lab are set to transform the production of marketing content.
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On the left, skiers on a lift float into the blue sky, in the middle a transparent shoe is presented, and on the right a colorful sneaker stands out; Copyright: Reebok

Reebok launches a personalized AI experience for sneaker fans


The sports brand cooperates with AI and metaverse company Futureverse to create a customizing experience for fashion on Instagram.
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Inside of Sam's Club shows the AI and video application technology at its exit; Copyright: Walmart

​​​Sam's Club deploys AI-powered exit technology for Scan & Go


Sam’s Club members can now exit a lot faster after completing payment at a register or via Scan & Go. AI technology and computer vision capture images of carts and verifies payment for all items.
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Five people sit at a table with laptops and work together; Copyright: Unsplash/Annie Spratt

Ahold Delhaize opens a tech studio in Bucharest


The aim is to develop employees' digital and technological skills. Around 250 top talents from the technical field are to be recruited in the coming years.
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