Recruitment marketing: How retailers attract young talent

4 best practices for innovative employer branding


Screenshot of the livestreaming video portal Twitch with OTTO advertising banners; Copyright: Otto Group

Advertising material for the livestreaming video portal Twitch with a focus on video games.
© Otto Group

Talent acquisition at OTTO with memes and benefits

An ALDI employee juggles with colorful cubes; Copyright: ALDI SÜD

Playfully testing your own skills in a retail job: ALDI SÜD relies on gamification.

HR marketing through gamification: having fun at ALDI SÜD

Recruitment strategy of Lowe's Canada focused on learning

Vegan meatball made with a 3D printer; Copyright: IKEA

A 3D printer produces the famous IKEA meatballs.

Innovative recruitment campaign with a view to the future at IKEA

How retailers convince with creative recruitment marketing

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