Food service robot in the EsselungaLab: a testing centre for new technologies

Cobots create a culinary revolution in Milan


A large covered terrace with many different seating areas; Copyright: Esselunga

The perfect place for innovation: A mixed-use and climate-neutral district is to be created on the former EXPO 2015 exhibition site in Milan. The Milano Innovation District (MIND) will be home to research institutes and innovative companies.
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A few facts about the retail company Esselunga S.p.A.

A high-tech supermarket with computer vision and self-checkout counters; Copyright: Esselunga

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High-tech supermarket tracks virtual shopping baskets

A window showing an illustration of a robotic arm; Copyright: Esselunga

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Robot Alfred helps with food preparation in the restaurant

What is a cobot?

Ein Roboter bereitet Salat zu; Copyright: Esselunga

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Valuable insights into tech solutions from the EsselungaLab

A man with dark hair wears a suit; Copyright: Esselunga

Alexandre Rochat, Head of the Innovation Department at Esselunga
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