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2019-10-17: On the last meters: Impress your customers in the checkout zone


Encouraging impulse buys • Social media influencing near-record Halloween spending • Shoppers more pay for upgrades • UFI releases edition of annual Euro Fairs Statistics • How to turn your cash register into the village hub • Revenue increases for retailers with advanced personalization • Marketing automation necessary to achieve an omnichannel experience • Of tables, counters and meeting places
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2019-09-12: Crisis management in retail: Please do not panic!


Crisis management in retail • Smart meters: Be proactive and reap the benefits • Five retailers are opening stores for every retailer closing stores • 3 Questions to ... Thorsten Sydow, SALT Solutions • C-star 2019: post show report • Do retail apps increase customer engagement and sales in all channels? • Well cooled shopping entertainment, please!
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2019-08-15: To go beyond design: long live experiences!


Retail spaces are so yesterday. Long live brand experiences! • In-store Asia 2020: Inspiration – Innovation – Transformation • Half of U.S. consumers now buying disruptor brands • Germany: leading trade fairs thanks to international visitors • “Don’t teach your customers to be bargain hunters!“ • Character in store design and in all details
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2019-07-11: Of opportunities that lie in the distance


Interview: Christmas decoration at the store 2019 • Year after year – Four Christmas decorating styles in pictures • ALDI goes China • Competing retailers stand a chance on Prime Day • Consumers prepared to flee to brands offering superior service • German exhibitions 2018 – More exhibitors from all continents
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2019-06-13: Power store, power floor: iconic designs


FOOBY - focusing on culinary crafts • Expert tips: the best flooring options • Gallery: Power Floor - power store • Implementing new ideas: design thinking in the retail world • German exhibitions advance again in 2018 • New fiber-based ready meal trays
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2019-05-16: C-star 2020, we're in! How about you?


Shanghai: Nike House of Innovation No 1 • Outstanding Design: Best Stand Awards and Best Customer Journey at C-star 2019 • C-star 2019 writes another chapter of success in Shanghai • Smart City, Digital Signage – German cities lag behind • The customer is always right? Two customers might spell trouble! • Social commerce 2.0: artificial intelligence detects purchase intention
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2019-04-11: City centre of the future


Back to the roots – Cities as places for encounters, dialogue and lively everyday culture • 3 questions to … Timo Michalik, Visuals United AG • Fashion Spaces: Fashion expressed through architectural sites • Special: Attractive accommodation during EuroShop - hotel ship • Review of in-store asia 2019 – Powered by EuroShop • C-star 2019: your meeting point all about retail
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2019-03-14: EuroShop meets India


in-store asia 2019: Welcome to 12th Edition • Decorette Woonatelier De Lange Jan • EHI @ ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE – Energy management in retail • Come again! With personalized experiences to customer loyalty • Designing the LEGO store of the future
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2019-02-14: Sustainable, healthy and social retailing


New store concept for a non-profit project of Weißer Rabe • Achieving goals with the right attitude • ‘Next decade of retail will belong to innovators’ • U.S. convenience store count stands at 153,237 stores • Fewer consumers spend more on Valentine’s Day
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2019-01-17: New year, new ideas for amazing retail


Furniture and shop design: Indistrieel - India meets Industrial • Exhibition Design: Where does the path lead? • Chocolate World - sweet temptation under sensual light • City management fights vacant storefronts and supports retailers • Happy Shopping in Stockholm
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